Expert witness for transparency in security disputes

Experts play an ever-increasing role in litigation in the complex area of security.

Expert witness for:

Security service providers

You may need an outside expert opinion if you are in disagreement with a client over the way you provided your services or the valuation of any resulting damages.

This opinion can then serve as a neutral basis for a more targeted attempt to de-escalate the situation and rebuild the partnership with your client.

Expert Witness
Expert Witness

Client of a security service provider

As a client, you outsourced your security service for a reason, whether it was cost savings or not having sufficient in-house resources to manage your security needs. Why tie up your own resources when problems arise. Instead, call in an objective third party with the proven professional knowledge to analyze and appraise the facts.

We can also assess comprehensive security concepts presented within the framework of operator solutions.

Insurance companies and policyholders

Insurance companies also impose conditions on site security and minimum security obligations before they assume liability. If there is a claim, the question can quickly arise whether these conditions were met and which insurance company (possibly also that of the service provider) will have to pay.

Courts, attorneys, prosecutors

With the increasing number of security companies and the outsourcing of security services, there will also be a growing number of court cases involving damages related to these services, civil claims, and labor law cases which often turn on whether the services were properly provided and procedures correctly followed. Here, too, CERTAVIS experts can help by providing evidence, collecting evidence, and assessing the facts of the case.