Tenders For Security Services

CERTAVIS security consultants help you prepare tenders for security services that comply with all applicable laws.

The creation of legally compliant security services is a basic requirement for an effective security organization. We will guarantee that your tender contains all the conditions and services needed to ensure the proper performance of the services you are requesting.

  • In Germany, we can provide support for procurement procedures under VOL-A and Directive 2004/18/EC VOL/A-EC and other commonly used private-sector procedures
  • In Florida, we can provide support for the strictly formal sealed bids procedure as well as for much more flexible competitive negotiations.
Tenders for security services
Tenders for security services

Our security consultants can support you in the following processes

  • Investigation of a security service based on your protection goals
  • Preparing a detailed specification of services
    • Quality requirements
    • Service level agreements (SLAs)
    • Penalties
  • Preparing pre-qualification requirements
  • Support through the entire tender process up to the launch of the new security service