Our services for US companies
based in Germany

Safety technology support

  • as a specialist for occupational safety according to ASiG and DGUV Regulation 2.
  • We actively support you in all matters relating to workplace health and safety.

Risk assessments

We provide support with risk assessments for various activities in your company per §5 ArbSchG.
In addition, we offer you the following expert risk assessments as individual projects or as a company-specific part of our safety-related support:

  • Working equipment per BetrSichV and TRBS 1111
  • Workplaces per ArbStättV and ASR V3
  • Hazardous substances per GefStoffV and TRGS 400
  • Flammable and explosive hazards per GefStoffV, TRGS 800, and ASR A2.2
  • Noise per LärmVibrationsArbSchV and ASR A3.7
  • Ergonomics per LasthandhabV and ASR A1.2
  • Psychological stress per ArbSchG and TRBS 1151

Explosion protection documents

On the basis of risk assessments, we can prepare explosion protection documents and help you with the operational organization of fire and explosion protection.


We can help you sensitize your employees to hazards and safe practices in the workplace. This also helps you comply with your legal obligation to provide regular briefings to your employees. We pay attention to the immediate relevance to your site, modern teaching methods, varied presentation methods, as well as legally compliant documentation.

Continuing education

We can offer continuing education on selected topics at your location and in line with your needs:

  • Training of safety officers
  • First aid training

Competency examinations

We can offer the legally required tests for portable electrical appliances per DGUV V3.

Safety Consulting Germany
Safety Consulting Germany